Director wanted (microaggressions films)

Director wanted (microaggressions films)

A student director is required to rehearse with actors (1 November) and to direct on location on the day of the shoot (6 November) for an upcoming microaggressions film project at Sheffield Hallam University.


This project aims to create a powerful series of 5 short films designed for integration into both Student Development Programmes and Staff Leadership and Management Development Programmes. Each film features incidents that take place between staff or students and tackles essential scenarios related to 5 protected characteristics. The overall objective is to produce these films to serve as standalone digital assets as well as a cohesive collection, strategically crafted to enhance the learning experience of staff and students about prevalent microaggression issues.


Duration of Films: 60 seconds each.


Target Audience:  Students and Staff. As an illustration, these films can play a pivotal role in development workshops for managers and leaders. During these sessions, the films will be showcased, prompting participants to engage in group discussions. They will delve into critical issues portrayed in the scenarios and explore strategies for addressing these challenges effectively in their workplace.


This is an unpaid opportunity suited to a film student wishing to gain experience and build their portfolio. 


If you are interested in taking part, please contact Dr Tom Payne (Course Leader, Acting & Performance) in the first instance: 


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Dr Tom Payne is Senior Lecturer in Performance and Course Leader for the BA (hons) Acting and Performance at Sheffield Hallam University

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