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Oct 2, 2019
SHU Performance’s blog post was featured
I had travelled from London, by invitation, on a chilly Friday to attend a showing of Doppelgangster's TREEFXXXERS at the new Sheffield Hallam University Performance Lab. On arrival we were shown into the reception area and warmly greeted by the pro…
Mar 15, 2019
Green Production’s blog post was featured
GREEN PRODUCTIONS is a local theatre company formed by three women last Autumn.The team consists of three production members: Charmaine, Kiera and Ai. Although they all have some experience in theatre, putting on this production has not been an easy…
Mar 8, 2019
Dr Henry Bell’s blog post was featured
Blog: 'Forget 'Shakespeare', and think of 'Shakespeares'.So, it seemed to me that SHAKESPEARE (AND FRIEND) energised the whole of Performance Lab, across year groups, with the world of Shakespeare. Neil Sisson's great work in this respect really see…
Feb 28, 2019
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"This looks great Melanie!"
Jan 20, 2019
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"Well done Melanie!"
Dec 8, 2018
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"Good work on your technical rehearsal preparations Jessie and co. Really looking forward to seeing you take it to another level!"
Dec 7, 2018



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Last Rites: Mockumentary Madness!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well? I'm a SHU Performance graduate from 2019 and I wanted to show you a project that I’m acting in called ‘Last Rites’. Lockdown has been a difficult time for artists, and we’ve all been doing our best to get involved in as many projects as possible. I was fortunate enough to have been accepted onto the National Youth Film Academy's 'Set Ready' Course to begin shooting a short film in August 2020 called 'Last Rites'. Last…
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Hello everybody! I hope you're all doing well. 

Just wanted to drop this in if it may be help to anyone at the moment. Hope it's not too cheeky of me!

💙 Melanie Hopkins - Actor / Writer / Theatre Maker / Event Organiser ❤️

A bit about me...
Melanie Hopkins is a Sheffield born and based professional actress, writer and theatre maker/event organiser.
Described as a “one woman army”, Melanie has single-handedly set up her own event; “Sheffield Monologue Showcase…

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Last week, some of the L5s stood on the bank of the Thames and recited their Shakespeare speeches, against a back-drop of the ever growing tower blocks of London’s skyline. As I watched, I was struck by how the past and present were colliding. Just yards from where we stood, 500 years earlier, Shakespeare’s Players who, to paraphrase, strutted and fretted their hour upon the stage, were speaking the same text out into the London air. Now , thanks to gaming, we think of a…

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