Student Short Film - Casting Call

Student Short Film - Casting Call

We’re on the lookout for actors for our short film!


Heirloom is an emotionally charged drama about a son and his quest to bring a little happiness to his mother's life and we’re looking for actors to help realise our story.


Both professional and first-time actors are welcome, but please note that as this is a student production the roles will be unpaid. Instead we will cover Travel and Food expenses. 


Shoot dates are the end of June in Sheffield with a second schedule of filming taking place in Yorkshire in August/September (dates TBC).

Check out the slides and share!


Contact: for more info and to apply


Ivan (Male) - Playing age 12-15

Idealistic and naive, Ivan’s understanding of the war, and his father's death, stems only from the absence he notices in his family. He idolises his father and sees himself on the same path of joining the army. Despite this, he is determined to bring joy to his mother’s life and tries desperately to make her happy. 


Grisha (Male) - Playing age 18

Ivan's older brother, a teenager who enjoys loitering with his friends and making Ivan's life hell. While at first glance, Grisha seems uninterested in his family life, having grown up in the same environment as his brother, he simply accepts that joining the army is his only option.


Old man (Male) - Playing age 70s

A remnant of a bygone era, rendered useless since the end of the war. He was tasked with removing the mines in the field where Ivan searches for scraps, his willingness to deceive Ivan is his way of showing people that he is still capable in some (albeit nefarious) way.

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I'm a Screenwriter who's currently producing a short film "Heirloom", which I have co-written.

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