Voice actors wanted for animated film

Title of Project: Havoc site

Project Manager: Adam Eades


Status: Unpaid

Offering: Copy of completed work. Named in credits


Category/Style of Project:


2D Animation


Project Description:


The film is around 6 minutes with not much dialogue and some vocal expressions during action scenes. A construction worker is on his break but then sees a superhero fly by and that makes him panic since that implies that super villains exist so he has to stop the evil villain from destroying his buildings he has worked so hard to create.


Deadline: The voice overs would need to be recorded by the 26th of April 2024


Audition Guidelines:


Choose a character from below and record some dialogue from the lines at the bottom of this document.


Send a sound file with your recording, the max length being 30 seconds by Friday 12th April 2024


Contact Information:






Character One:  Construction worker

He is fat man who is around his 30s, he is clumsy and moody. The character likes working without interruptions. He feels satisfied with the buildings he has created so seeing them at risk of being destroyed puts him into panic. The builder does not give up trying to defend his buildings regardless of how overwhelming the task might be. I think a voice like the elephant character Gazpacho from the cartoon Chowder. You can listen to his voice from this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AuorihmKsk/


Character Two:  Superhero

She has a tomboy personality, is friendly and cheeky and likes having fun. However she does not like rules being disobeyed and will be more serious to those who break them. She can be very emotional, moving quickly from feelings such as joy to rage and sadness. I think her voice could sound similar to the vampire Marceline from the cartoon Adventure Time. You can listen to her voice from this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4FgdZsZ0fs/


Character Three:  Super Villain

He is a muscular man who only cares about himself being overly cocky and seeing everyone else as less important. He enjoys chaos and the suffering of others. He hates being made fun of and is easily angered. The villain if enraged enough can lose his sanity and become crazy with maniacal laughter and overwhelming power. I would want the character’s voice to be inspired by Kronk from the movie The Emperor’s New Groove. Maybe make the voice more serious and to emphasize the what he says when shouting, I would want to still keep some of the silliness of the voice from the original. You can find his voice from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7zKOxO4bGA/


Lines for audition:


script would be provided


Final Deliverables and Creative Specifications:


Once I receive the auditions and have casted, I would be in touch regarding of the voice overs


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