My name is Lizzy Donowho. I'm a British actress from Hong Kong, I'm currently starting my first year training and honing my skills as an actress at Sheffield Hallam University. I have 11 years of acting experience to my name which includes but isn’t limited to; Arthur: The Panto, Grim Tales, Beauty and the Beast, Hamlin, and A Midsummer's Night Dream.

My first significant role was when I was 10, where I played Merlin in Arthur: The Panto (2012 at Gleneally J. School). I had to learn all my lines and blocking in a week due to the fact that the boy who was originally supposed to fill the role got chicken pox so I volunteered to play his character Merlin. From then on acting for me was an addiction which I couldn't ever really be satisfied with.

After my role as Merlin I enrolled with Liz Ryan, a free lance acting teacher in Hong Kong to help me gain LAMDA Qualifications level 3, 4 and 5, achieving Merits in each.

When I joined Kellett, my secondary school, I auditioned for all the shows I could and picked up ensemble roles for Grim Tales by Carol Anne Duffy (2014 at Kellett Senior School) and Earnie's Incredible Hallucinations (2015 at Kellett Senior School) by Alan Ayckbourn as well as Theseus in their production of A Midsummer's Night Dream: Goes Wrong (2018 at Kellett Senior School).

At Kellett I also had the honor of working off stage as an assistant director in 2018 for the key stage 3 production of The Odyssey (2016 at Kellett Senior School) and as the stage hand/lighting & sound coordinator/prop maker & organiser in their production of Oliver! (2019 at Kellett Senior School).

During this time I also had the pleasure of joining Starlit Voice's Drama School in Hong Kong. It was there I got to play Talulah Lovelace in the Mysterious Disappearance of Peaches (2017) , Head Child/Head Street Sweeper in Hamlin (2017) , Quince in A midsummer's Night Dream (2018) and Andre/The Wardrobe in Beauty and The Beast (2018).

I also Presused acting in a more formal setting continuing with LAMDA examinations achieving merits in bronze and sliver Solo Acting. I also gained iGCSEs and iA Levels in Drama.

As an actress I am personally drawn to strange, Unusual and flawed characters. I really enjoy breaking down a character's motivations and intentions, why they're relationships with other characters are the way they are and how they move through the world both physically and mentally.


Image by Becky Payne

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