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Festival of the Mind Interview Call Outs


Hi everyone, we're filming a video for the University of Sheffield's online Festival of the Mind platform and are looking for interview applicants. The video is focusing on the impact of events on mental health, wellbeing and the fulfilment.

We're looking for anyone who attended a lot of events (pre-COVID) and would be interested in being interviewed to discuss the impact and benefits events have on audience members. As well as their thoughts on the current situation with events being put on hold. This can be any kind of art events including music, theatre, film, dance etc the more diverse the better!

Ideally, we're looking for anyone who would be available between Thursday and Saturday this week. The interviews will take place at the Abbeydale Picture house under strict COVID guidelines. However, we know a lot of people are currently shielding or are minimising their risk so we are happy to consider video calls too.

All participants will receive £20 for attending in person. Or £10 for attending via online video call. Please either direct message me, comment below or email info@openhousepictures.co.uk and I'll get in touch with you. Thank you.

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Last Rites: Mockumentary Madness!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well? I'm a SHU Performance graduate from 2019 and I wanted to show you a project that I’m acting in called ‘Last Rites’. Lockdown has been a difficult time for artists, and we’ve all been doing our best to get involved in as many projects as possible. I was fortunate enough to have been accepted onto the National Youth Film Academy's 'Set Ready' Course to begin shooting a short film in August 2020 called 'Last Rites'. Last Rites is a satirical, light-hearted mockumentary in which we explore the world of Sarah and her ragtag friends, watching them dispose of dead bodies isn’t what Simon was expecting when he agreed to film them for the show: ‘Women in unconventional roles’. But one crime queen, two corrupt cops and 3 badass assassins later he’s finding himself IN a lot deeper than he thought he’d be. Will he save Sarah and himself from the morality of their actions, or is this one mess that can’t be cleaned?

Inspired by fantastic mockumentaries such as What We Do In The Shadows and This Is Spinal Tap, Last Rites balances dark themes with humour and ridiculousness in an exploration of how far people in desperate situations are willing to go. For the past two months, my group and I have been crowdfunding for this project, we raised well over our budget of £9000, and reached just over £11000. This means not only do we have the full budget for the movie, but we also have the money to take the film to more festivals across the UK in 2020, and 2021. In being a part of an NYFA Course, this movie will also be going to the Raindance Festival, as well as being premiered at the Odeon in Greenwich. This film is also supported by Procam, whose cameras we will be using during filming in August. Thank You for taking the time to read this, I will leave links below to the crowdfunder and the films IMDB Page for you to view.

Last Rites
Last Rites is a short comedy following documentarian Simon Oiseau. You've heard of John Wick, now meet the people who clean up after him.
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Happy International Women's Day!

GREEN PRODUCTIONS is a local theatre company formed by three women last Autumn.

The team consists of three production members: Charmaine, Kiera and Ai. Although they all have some experience in theatre, putting on this production has not been an easy ride - there was a vast amount of preparation for auditions and rehearsals, as well as getting the word out about the company. 



Charmaine is the boss and her role is to bring The Tempest to life! Although she may be small, she knows what she wants and encourages the performers every step of the way. She has also brought her passion for dance into the play, bringing energy and stunning visuals.



Kiera has worked incredibly hard organising this whole production, from booking the rehearsal rooms to liaising with Charmaine to create an efficient rehearsal schedule. She has also been to every rehearsal ensuring that everything is running as plan and the cast are happy.



Ai has been active within rehearsals and behind the scenes, by editing photos, the audition packs and creating all the visuals for The Tempest and the company. She is in charge of updating our social media accounts regularly and promoting the show without any budget!




Come and see what they bring to the stage! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!



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As the great teacher of Shakespeare, Rex Gibson wrote, 'Forget 'Shakespeare', and think of 'Shakespeares' is salutary advice. The plays are capable of and invite diverse interpretations. They resist the notion of definite performance.'
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Working as a writer on the show

I have heard the sentence before that writers are the worst procrastinators, but working on this show was nowhere near this statement as writers and performers worked this week from 10-4 pm each day to produce this show.
What we did in this…

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AWAKENINGS post 2: Final Poster

Here is the final poster design for the 2021 play AWAKENINGS. This design is based on the feedback provided, which was to bring a focus to the process of making and coming together for the experience of the production rather than the narrative of…

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Excerpt of my journey as a writer

I am a writer who has stolen many moments of someone's else life and mine too and had turned them into stories.

But my story does not start from here. It started when I was nine years old. I wrote a mini-novel of three chapters in a diary.…

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