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Festival of the Mind Interview Call Outs


Hi everyone, we're filming a video for the University of Sheffield's online Festival of the Mind platform and are looking for interview applicants. The video is focusing on the impact of events on mental health, w

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Last Rites: Mockumentary Madness!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well? I'm a SHU Performance graduate from 2019 and I wanted to show you a project that I’m acting in called ‘Last Rites’. Lockdown has been a difficult time for artists, and we’ve all been doing our best to get involve
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As the great teacher of Shakespeare, Rex Gibson wrote, 'Forget 'Shakespeare', and think of 'Shakespeares' is salutary advice. The plays are capable of and invite diverse interpretations. They resist the notion of definite performance.'
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Creating My Website

As a part of assessment, my class and I were provided with the task of building our own website to show off both our skills and experiences as an actor and as a creator. From my knowledge, Wix seemed like the best…

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