AWAKENING blog post 1, Thomas.J.M: Introduction and Expectations

Hi everyone I am on the photography and social media team for the Awakening production. I am a graduating Fine Art student of 2021with a background in Graphic Design, I will be intending on producing a poster that best represents the narratives of this play in the hopes of attracting more attention for the play. Do feel free to check out some of my previous artworks on my social media for those who are interested. Keep in mind this does not contain my graphic design work, if anyone requires visuals of such feel free to message me. 

Instergram: t.j.m98creator

Unfortunately, I do not believe the time restrictions will allow me to create an original painting for this project and so I will be creating this poster digitally. I do however already have imagery lined up from previous projects that may contain similar imagery and themes, which will help anyone interested get the feel for what the poster may look like. I believe the best example is shown by this painting. 9082709265?profile=RESIZE_710x

My first thoughts for a logo for the play also remind me of another previous work. Would love to hear feedback on using this imagery or if a logo is required at all. If one is produced this can of course go on to be used in the social media team, after its development. 9082760494?profile=RESIZE_180x180

After the first meeting and reading of the original fairy tale, I had started a line drawing for what the basic imagery could be, here I have also planed out the layout of the poster as a whole. Unfortunately, I can no longer go any further with the production of the poster until the story becomes far more clear. It would be fantastic if you could provide feedback on the first draft but more importantly, if those involved in costume design, writing, and even set design could get in touch and inform me of the visuals that will be used in the narrative. This would allow me to create the correct image that matches up with what will be played out. 

All the best and look forward to hearing more about the play. 9082782263?profile=RESIZE_584x


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