Hello, my name is Rukewan Madagua, you can also call me Rukie. Well, I am an international student from Nigeria. Due to my interest in communications, I decided to study Public Relations at my postgraduate level. I have a background in Journalism, digital media and public relations.

I will like to share my experience in the awakening project due to my love for theatre. I intend to work as social media and blogger in this project. Storytelling and choosing the right pictures will attract the audience through this department on theproject. Social media will encourage engagement from the public and also promote our ideas. 

I have written blogs, news bulletins for organizations. I have a fashion blog on instagram where I share fashion news, although it has not been active for sometime now. I will share the link here so you can see my work.

On a final note, I look forward to making new friends and enjoy the journey on this project.

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Rukewan Madagua

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Working as a writer on the show

I have heard the sentence before that writers are the worst procrastinators, but working on this show was nowhere near this statement as writers and performers worked this week from 10-4 pm each day to produce this show.
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AWAKENINGS post 2: Final Poster

Here is the final poster design for the 2021 play AWAKENINGS. This design is based on the feedback provided, which was to bring a focus to the process of making and coming together for the experience of the production rather than the narrative of…

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Excerpt of my journey as a writer

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