Behind Closed Doors - There are some Typical Girls

Behind Closed Doors - There are some Typical Girls

On Thursday the 30TH of Sept a performance called “Typical Girls” has taken place in the crucible which is the most well-known theatre in the city of Sheffield.

What an amazing way to start the show of by singing straight away rather than a boring introduction through introducing themselves which give you the thrill of watching and focusing on the show characteristics.

 I really enjoyed the idea of having a projection in the theatre to make it a stronger piece of work for those who were interrupting the performance, as they were taking individual parts of explaining their stories throughout singing.

The 5 very well experienced female prisoners had created and executed a punk-rock performance about their personal and mental health problems which is something that our society struggle to face.

I enjoyed the way that teacher had understood their circumstances and risked her job for those women to have a second chance to tell their stories /struggles throughout their daily life in prison.

When I got the invitation about the show my first impression was its going to be boring and soul destroying, as its about women being in imprisonment, so it wouldn’t be something to look forward to watch, not realising after watching it that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


 Photo Promotion goes to: Helen Murray

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