Finally, chasing the life I want!

'Live the life you have imagined'

Have you ever been lost? Because I have, never truly knowing who you are but also terrified to find out and truly dig deep into your soul to find the 'real' you.

Well, I have finally found my passion therefore, the more experience and knowledge I gain will make me develop further in my craft and hopefully one day do it as a full-time job. It can be personal process as you embody the lives of the character to understand their lives by doing so you have to express your own personality and discover the character you're playing through your own experiences as we all have different experience and it great to go in depth with a character and put yourselves in their shoes. Performing arts for me is an escape root it makes me happy and improves my confidence and I love it because it's empowering and can change people emotions by a simple play you can have audience members at the end crying or laughing and it has an impact and leaves a message with whatever play you do. Overall, it makes everyone think and sends a message which is phenomenal.

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My current studies relate to the course Level 3-year 2 extended Diploma in performing arts which is designed to help me develop knowledge, skills and understanding. Previously, I studied performing arts betc level 2 diploma and level 3 year 1 which I have successfully completed. One piece of work we did was Love Song by Frantic Assembly. Love song builds a beautiful piece demonstrating an experience we have all faced in our time making it have a personal connection to the actors and the audience as it’s based on loss and separation through death leaving the audience with high emotions and to think how precious life is and not to waste it.

For my work experience I worked in doing front of house at Hillsborough college for the degree students for their performance night. I really enjoyed it as I got to help others and make everyone at ease and relax to watch the performance. I did some production work such as the chefs hats in Grease the musical and hair & makeup  for Pillowman to suit all the characters. 

My hobbies include writing scripts and films also sports such as football and basketball. I used to be terrible at cooking like to the point where I burnt toast and blew up the microwave It was shocking how bad I was so I started to cook more and now I'm a great cook which is good because I would have been an embarrassment to my dad who's a chef, so you see my point. 

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  • Laura, thanks for sharing this! I loved reading about how you've found your passion for acting and enjoyed learning a bit about your previous experiences at Hillsborough College. 😊 Also, I can't believe you blew up your microwave!! 💥

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