Dreams To Reality: My Acting Journey

Hi, my name is Katie Walker, I'm 19 and an aspiring actress from Sheffield. I chose to stay here for university and I am currently in my first year of BA Hons Acting and Performance at Sheffield Hallam University. 

During primary school I discovered my love for acting and performing, I was always taking part in the plays the school put on, joining choir activities, and even took part in the school's version of BGT. I was part of a small film adaptation of the book Holes by Louis Sachar too.

I'd say my passion for acting grew during year 10 where I chose BTEC Drama as something I'd like to continue. During my time there I got the opportunity to play Tracy in Hairspray, and the chance to take part in the summer and winter showcases. For our final exam, we chose to perform Shakers by John Godber and Jane Thorton at the school's winter showcase where I played as waitress Mel.



I went to King Edwards VII sixth form for A level Drama, we studied the plays Our Country Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker and Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. I got to look at playing multiple different characters in more depth & learnt a little about set design and lighting which I'd like to be able to expand my knowledge on and use in the future.

Devising was a strong focus at A level and we used this to create a piece based on fairytales which we later performed to an audience. This was a really fun and engaging experience for me as I love the creativity and expression acting allows, anything is possible. Whilst studying here, I got to take part in a Third Angel workshop at the Theatre Deli in Sheffield for acting on stage and screen which was really interesting for me.

Although I don't have much acting experience outside of school, I'd love to be able to further explore acting on screen as this is something I'm really interested in pursuing in the future, along with voice acting!

(Photo by L Warde)

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  • Hi Katie, it's great to see that you've chosen to stay in Sheffield and to build upon all of the experiences that you've had with the likes of Theatre Deli and Third Angel. Also, Sophie is an expert on Timberlake Wertenbaker, so you may want to chat to her about your experience of Our Country's Good. Check out her book! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Theatre-Timberlake-Wertenbaker-Critical-Co... I look forward to seeing how your bio changes over the course of this year! :) 

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