Looking for actors - The Collector

Looking for actors - The Collector

Hi All

I'm casting for my final film (Grad Film) The Collector. The logline is below. I'm looking to fill 6 roles, 2 Female, 4 male. I'd love to see showreels and audirtion self tapes. Links to the marked up scripts can be found on my website http://www.timmcleasbyfilm.co.uk/castings-the-collector/

Suzy is a collector, she collects odd things, things most people would throw away. Her life is unsettled when her beloved campervan is repossessed and towed away. When she discovers it’s then been bought by two torrid youtube influencers she starts a journey to guide them to somewhere she can confront them about her van and retrieve one of her favourite collections.

Casting Call for my graduation film. The Collector. (Working title)

This is my final major project at @sheffhallamuni on the @filmproduction_shu BA course. I’m afraid there’s no fee as per @sheffhallamuni guidelines but we can cover reasonable expenses. I will however be doing headshots for my actors @ timmcleasbyphotography during rehearsals.

We’re casting for 6 roles various ages and genders. Actors ideally based in or around Sheffield or Yorkshire.

Auditions initially via submitted video readings for your preferred part(s) or I'm happy to look through showreels too. 

You can email - Timm@timmcleasbyfilm.co.uk with info / audition self tapes

Details can be found on my website http://www.timmcleasbyfilm.co.uk/castings-the-collector/

Aiming to shoot late Feb

Any questions just holller.

Please tag anyone who might be interested or share the link etc. 👍🏻

E-mail me when people leave their comments –

Hey, I'm Timm, a final year BA Film making mature student director. You can check out my work at <a href="http://www.timmcleasbyfilm.co.uk">http://www.timmcleasbyfilm.co.uk</a>. My film "Pie Village" won the screen Yorkshire competition in 2022.

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