My acting Career so far.

My name is Maia Read and I am an actor and writer from Sheffield. I am starting my first year of studying BA Hons Acting and Performance at SHU.

I studied acting at GCSEs and also performed in multiple school shows including We Will Rock You and The Wiz as well as taking part in multiple student films. In 2017-18 I was also part of Razzamataz Theatre school where I sang, danced and acted in a production of Our House as well as some smaller shows.

I went to Hillsborough college to study acting as well, during this time we began to put together a production of Fifteen Streets but were unable to finish due to the Covid pandemic. Going back to College after the pandemic, we worked on a devised ‘video game’ where we each had to go through challenges depending on what the player picked for us to do.

I have recently acted in a short film called Hope Valley Written and Directed by Anouchka Santella and Produced by Lucy Percival. This was a very enjoyable experience as it was all done very professionally which was extremely useful for me as I was able to learn new things about the industry.

In this short film I played one of the sidekicks of the “means girls” type girls in school. It was set at a party filmed at Thronbridge hall and had many extras from High stores school/sixth form taking part as well.

I have written a book that I hope to get published and am also currently writing another book. I hope to keep writing on the side of my acting career expanding into scripts as well as books/stories.

As well as this I have also had some experience working behind the camera. I have helped with directing, sound and lighting on a short film, filmed in the Hillsborough college studio.

I have always enjoyed acting and writing as I have often struggled with self confidence and anxiety, acting helps me focus my energy on something else and makes me feel more confident. I hope to improve my confidence even further as I continue to learn new skills while at University.



(Photography by Becky Payne and Jordan Carroll) 




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  • Maia, you're clearly a gifted writer. This is a beautifully written blog and a great introduction to you as a performer. I'd love to learn more about your book writing, and you should include some more detail about this in your bio on your website, where I imagine you could have a whole page dedicated to your work as a writer. I also look forward to seeing you write scripts for others to perform during your time with us! 😊

  • This blog flows so naturally and is a very enjoyable read. The structure of the statement is also very clear with each paragraph connecting smoothly with the next. The images that Maia has used give me the feeling that she is active in following her dream. All credits are listed in a way that offers the reader a great amount of information.


    • I agree, Stasha! 😊

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