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9639711291?profile=RESIZE_710xGlobal citizen, extrovert and persevering these are my hallmarks and describe who I am. My name is Rafay Khan I was born in Pakistan, moved to England at the age of 17 and now studying acting and performance in Sheffield, growing up watching films like Rocky, Enter the dragon and Jason Bourne gave me the motivation to take martial arts from a young age and the inspiration to pursue a career in acting.



As I did my schooling in Pakistan, I wasn’t given the option to opt drama and theatre as a course due to limited options, yet I did take part in theatre for very short period of time, and that experience made me appreciate cultural diversity. Growing up I realised that they weren’t many people on screen that look like me and made me think that cinema require more multiformity.

I’ve had a few experiences working with filming and performance in Wales where I did my first year of university before coming to Sheffield, due to harsh circumstances because of covid me and my classmates managed to pull off an online performance titled ‘A portable paradise’  captured through zoom, another experience was working on a short film as a cinematographer and assistant director, this particular experience was quite different for me as it didn’t involve me to perform rather than to work behind the camera, and due to this I was able to explore the field of filming. Even though I dont have much acting experience so far I would love to explore further more more specifically in screen acting as it is something that interests me and is something I want to have a career in.


 Other than acting I love to play sports, live a healthy lifestyle and have a big passion when it comes to martial arts, which I’ve been training since I was a kid, I’m currently practicing Muay Thai and boxing, I do this because I have a love for martial arts, and consider it a way I am able to express myself.


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  • Wow Raf, is that you doing the high kick? Respect! This is a great first blog. It gives a clear idea of who you are and what you hope to acheive, not just as a performer, but as someone seeking to improve representation in the arts. I look forward to seeing how your CV grows at Level 5! :) 

  • I really like your blogand  how you talk about how you have the motivation to do martial arts from watching rocky and jason bourne. I also like how you talked about that in covid you had to do a production on zoom because i have a similar expirence in covid. 

    • Hey Sam, what was your Zoom production? I'd love to know more about it.

This reply was deleted.

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