The day that Amal started her walk around the world was an incredibly special moment for many people, so meeting and seeing her in person was an honour. 


The turnout was incredible, tears were brought to my eyes when I saw children and adults, bonding over the different activities lined up such as baking bread, building lamps, creating poems etc. everyone was in perfect harmony whether black or white, Asian, African, British or American none of that mattered, what mattered was that we all came together to welcome Little Amal as she travelled through Sheffield. 

Amal started her journey by arriving on a boat at the Victoria Quays where they had a schedule to follow down there. I was based in Tudor square where I and two of my other classmates assisted people in creating lamps. I was so worried to do this because I am not good with kids, so I was anxious to say the least. However, what really surprised me about this was the way the children interacted with me, they were very enthusiastic to learn which in turn made me enthusiastic to teach, this helped me ease up and get the job done better. 9802272266?profile=RESIZE_400x



Once Amal reached Tudor square the love and adoration that she had received from strangers really showed me that the world had changed from when I arrived in the UK 16 years ago. The little 4-year-old me that did not receive the same love and attention that I had yearned for from those around me when I came to England would have been so proud of the people of Sheffield for the way they treated Amal with such support and appreciation as she walked through the streets of the steel city. In that moment I was reminded of my audio piece and how much it resonated with those that are seeking sanctuary and how they must’ve felt when trying to settle in an unknown place without anyone to turn to, no rights to work, no food to eat etc It made me reflect on my actions towards everyone in general and to always remember that we are all human and deserve to have the same treatment and rights and for this I say thank you Amal for reminding us that we are all worthy. 

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