Seeing the world from a different point of View

What an overwhelming day. I have never felt so much love, community and respect from complete strangers.  I’m in awe at the utter power ‘Little Amal’ had as she joined hands and connected hearts to stand united. A symbol of hope and a catalyst for refugees seeking sanctuary to receive the help and respect they deserve.

Working with Stand and Be Counted Theatre Company was the start of a passion I hadn’t yet come to realize. An education and inspiration that I was overwhelmed to receive and proud to come to know. From this I was able to create a monologue in reflection of ‘The Walk’ with ‘Good Chance’ and everything they stand so proudly for. Focusing on the importance of kindness within humanity, respect and acceptance, I expressed how something as small as a smile or a nod of the head can mean so much to somebody.

In the excitement and bustle of the crowds, a moment reflecting so beautifully what words could not give justice. So tender and special, it caught my eye. A child had reached their hand out to Amal which she took in hers and held. It was complete magic. Nothing else in that moment mattered. That child had been seen, had been heard and gazed at with giant warm eyes. If I puppet can cause such emotion, imagine what a person could do.

 It was then that it struck me how powerful theatre can be. How much power we hold as creatives. Another lesson my eyes were opened too. I must not limit myself to one form of expression, to one script, to one character. We are all art. We have the power to create theatre wherever we are, whoever we are with.

Amal created a magic that did not discriminate through language, gender, race or age. We are all human and all capable of connection in a way unique to us entirely.

Give her your hand and she’ll give you hers. Look her in the eye and she’ll look back. We were all seen, all heard, all included.

Together, united we can make a difference and that day I believe we did. United as equals through the respect we all deserve, we stood for change. We stood for acceptance and welcome. Sheffield is a home for everyone.


Photo Credit- Smart Banda

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