"This is how we make change" - Typical Girls

Typical Girls, A must-see performance showing at the crucible theatre located in the heart of Sheffield. The performance follows the story of five loveable characters who are all facing time for crimes they commited. The five prisoners take part in workshops whilst in jail, they spend their time making music and becoming a band. A heartwarming storyline allows the audience to see what really happens behind closed doors whilst in prison. Written by Morgan Lloyd Malcom and directed by Roisin McBrinn, with music by The Slits.

As a Woman I thouroghly enjoyed this performance, An all female cast was truely inspiring to me. Each character was fully committed to their role and gave it their all, they were each also very unique, as every so often one character would step out of reality and talk to the audience in a monologue about their own personal feelings, i think that this was a great touch to the play as it gave us the inside details of each in-mates life. it also allowed the audience to grow a stronger connection to each charater. With lighting and sound which added tio the intimacy of the monologue. 

The comedic timing in the play was fabulous, every single joke landed and had the audience in stitches. As an actor I think that being able to have this skill is a pure talent, its incredibly hard to have correct timing in order to make everyone laugh.. or even smile. 

Overall in my humble opinion I thoroughly enjoyed Typical Girls , However, there were some problems that came up frequently, this included the script being noticeable for the audience, this was very distracting and also meant that whenever the actors messed up the audience could immedietly tell, but i also think that it has its benefits, for example it aids to the death audience members who can watch the play and be able to follow it as everybody else. it was something very different to what I have watched before. As I empathised with the characters it truly had a heartwarming storyline. 


 Photo by Helen Murray.


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