"Typical Girls", a Far From Typical Play.

What a wonderful way to start off university with the privilege of being able to witness an amazing performance live and in the flesh, which we have been deprived of for so long due to the unfortunate and drastic effects that COVID-19 had on the arts. And I could not ask for a better performance to symbolise the return of theatre, than the production “Typical Girls” by Morgan Lloyd Malcom. 

Typical Girls, a show where we watch a group of female prisoners create a punk band in a prison program, was an epic, clever, and very witty play that attacked many dilemmas that our current society faces. The most obvious problem being the treatment of women in the modern world, however, they do not force any morals or ideologies onto you, the consistent message is seamless throughout the whole of the play and is extremely well structured, which I believe anyone could appreciate and respect. 

A musical or a play? Well, I'd have to say it's neither, or even a hybrid, the musical aspects feel completely natural and flow with the whole story, as do the very striking monologues each character performs, the use of “mouth” played by Alison Fitzjohn added beautiful comic relief to contrast with the profoundly serious matters at hand. 

(Typical Girls at the Crucible, Sheffield. Photograph: Helen Murray)

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  • Lovely review, Joseph! 😊 You capture the essence of the show really clearly, and get across why you enjoyed it. I think your question 'a musical or a play?' is a great one to ask of this particular show.

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