Walk With Amal- Helping a little girl find her new home.


The Walk is a non-profit organization, established by Good Chance Theatre, raising awareness and gaining support for refugees. The organisation does this by walking with a 3.5 metre puppet who is 9 years old and called Amal. They’re bringing her to 8 countries from Turkey to the UK holding festivals of music, dance and theatre wherever they go. 

Creating a piece as part of this project has so far been incredibly educational- learning more and more about the struggles that come with the life of a refugee as well as constantly learning more about poetry composition.

Creating a piece of poetry for this event has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into working with abstract physicality expressing each and every word making all of them count. I see this as very important knowing the large number of people must have spoken to ‘Amal’ on her journey and how comforting the words have to be to make her feel comfortable and welcome. 

Although this does come with it’s difficulties as the physicality and poetry require meticulous construction, it is mainly enlightening and a pleasure to be a part of a cause so immensely important, extremely relevant and dreadfully controversial. 

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  • Hi Kira, this is lovely. I'm really pleased that the opportunity to work on the The Walk by Good Chance has had such an impact on you. 😊 Also, I'd love to read your poem! 

  • A really good review, an insight into how the poems made you feel as a stimulus for creating engaging ideas!

  • Very interesting to read and really insightful into how you are doing on the course.

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