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Call out for VoiceOver actors

My name is Maud. I am a lecturer in Photography at SHU. 
I am writing as I am currently developing two different videos for which I need to work with some actors. The video works are research projects' outcomes, which will be exhibited at G39 in Card
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We are looking for actors to be in our final year uni short film, Sandwich Suspicions. The film is a parody of 1940s noir films, similar in tone to the Naked Gun movies. This would be an unpaid rol

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Untitled Experimental Short Film

10-15 minute student short film, as part of a final year university assignment

Billie is an actress who is  forced into mental anguish after her partner Dameon has an affair at a party with a girl named Angelica. She tries to fight through the pain un

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Casting Call - There's No Tomorrow

We are lookng for 2 people to play main roles in our final film project. The film is set in the 1950's  post Nucler war, it starts out as a very typical 1950's sitcom and gradually gets darker, as the main character deals with a mental ilness called

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Volunteers Wanted! - Growtheatre Youth Theatre

Growtheatre Volunteering Opportunity

Growtheatre is looking for reliable, self-motivated, creative volunteers who enjoy being outdoors and wants to gain experience facilitating drama and theatre workshops for children and teenagers.  

  • Enjoys working wi
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Casting Call

Casting call for a male actor aged 19-21 to play the male lead in a raunchy comedy short. The role is unpaid but footage will be made available to the actor for any use wanted. 

No set in stone date but filming expected to take place in June/July. Fil

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Actors required for theatre advert



We are looking for a number of actors for an upcoming promotional video shoot.


The project will be advertising a brand new app designed for the theatre community and would follow a group of creatives developing a performance.


There woul

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The Follower (3 minute short film)

***Casting Call***

Sheffield Based
The Follower
(Sheffield Hallam University Project)
Anna is struggling with her mental health as she is plagued with a follower, a man nobody else can see. In one day we see her inability to disasso

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A comedy/drama short film including a chase scene.

A criminal of dastardly minimalistic crimes plagues the city that never sleeps, and with the police force up to their eyes in work, one man steps up to the job and finds himself knee-deep in trouble.

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A short drama based on the punk life of a lead singer in a band, showing him in the past and in the present.

When Peter finds an old used roll of 35mm film dated 1979, he takes it to get developed before going through the photos with his old friend Ja

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