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Casting Call 'Breathe'

Hi there! We are 3rd year students looking for an actor for our final film. The film is a proof of concept to a longer film being shot next year so we would need the lead to be available from next January onwards and now until mid-December. Our worki

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Final Call Music Video Casting

Hello everyone, casting submissions are closing shortly on friday the 10th for the upcoming WYKAB Music video, so make sure to drop me and email before then:

Email -
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn

I'm Joe from the Fil

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Paid Arts Placement for Young People

🌟 Passionate about the arts?
🎭 Aged 16-24 in Sheffield?
💡 Join Chol's Young Artist or Young Producer scheme!
Alongside a team of people who work in the arts, you’ll be paid to create an original show that will be performed to a large, live audience. Th
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Casting call- bigfoot

Looking for actors.                         Unpaid 

Cindy- female 

TJ- male 

Bart- male 

Big John- male 

Goon 1- either 

Goon 2- either 


Steve (bigfoot) and his friends Cindy, TJ and Bart go on a hunt for some sweet treats and takes a dark turn when they r

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Casting Call - 'The First Date'

CASTING CALL (Unpaid Acting Opportunity)

‘The First Date’  - 

A 5-minute short film, made as part of a university assignment.

This short film explores how an unimaginable situation changes the dynamic between two people. At first nothing can break their

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CASTING CALL: Locked-In, Short Comedy


Looking for someone with good comedic timing who is able to work well with their peer. Chemistry is hugely important for this film to work. If interested, please reach to me via the email provided - further details will be given regarding dates for

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Sheff Crew+Talent WhatsApp Group

Hi all,
There is a whatsapp group for Sheffield Crew and Talent which is a place to share and view local oppertunities. This chat is not a student only chat and has local businesses in here as well so if you join please be proffesional as you are repr

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SHU X French Connection Casting Call


Fashion Management & Communication third years are looking for student models.

Our current module brief is a live project with French Connection being held this November. The ‘What The F: Freedom from Formality' event will take place on 21/11/23,

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Voice actor casting call for animated book

Hi I'm an MA Animation student who is creating an experimental animated book for thier major project. I'm looking for someone to proffesionally narrate my short book which will be submitted in mid-August. 

My project:

  • The story is originated around a c
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