Happy International Women's Day!

GREEN PRODUCTIONS is a local theatre company formed by three women last Autumn.

The team consists of three production members: Charmaine, Kiera and Ai. Although they all have some experience in theatre, putting on this production has not been an easy ride - there was a vast amount of preparation for auditions and rehearsals, as well as getting the word out about the company. 



Charmaine is the boss and her role is to bring The Tempest to life! Although she may be small, she knows what she wants and encourages the performers every step of the way. She has also brought her passion for dance into the play, bringing energy and stunning visuals.



Kiera has worked incredibly hard organising this whole production, from booking the rehearsal rooms to liaising with Charmaine to create an efficient rehearsal schedule. She has also been to every rehearsal ensuring that everything is running as plan and the cast are happy.



Ai has been active within rehearsals and behind the scenes, by editing photos, the audition packs and creating all the visuals for The Tempest and the company. She is in charge of updating our social media accounts regularly and promoting the show without any budget!




Come and see what they bring to the stage! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!



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